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Custom product development

Our exceptional and experienced team will bring your unique ideas to life, and make sure to satisfy all your requirements by partnering up with you to create the app of your dreams. Our goal is to deliver a premium digital product, but also to meet all your expectations.


If you are looking for an additional team member for your project, or need guidance for your in-house development team, we are here to lend you a helping hand, and fill in the gaps to help you deliver your product on time - and in a polished condition.

Software upgrade

We believe that true success comes from keeping up with your customers, not with your competitors, as their expectations are what matters for you and your business the most. Allow our innovative team to explore the market and prevent your software from falling behind.

Our goal

Noviprog is a software development company whose main goal is to deliver exceptional and high quality software solutions, ensuring that we exceed our clients’ demands. Our services are available to small and medium-sized companies all around the world. We strive to present workable and adaptable software solutions that can be easily maintained, providing the workforce of the clients’ companies with efficient software solution.

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Our tech-stack

We mainly focus on web-based applications, where the application is simply accessible from the web browser, without prior installation.

React | React Native |Node JS| Docker | | Redis | GIT | Scrum

For desktop and performant critical applications we use QT

C++ | QT | QML

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